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Preparing for a New Era of Church



More Than a Lender. A Ministry.
Since 1953, we have helped Christians and churches embrace their part in this story by providing the 3 kinds of capital every congregation needs for growth—Financial Capital, Leadership Capital, and Spiritual Capital. Church growth is about more than just attendance. It also involves congregational spiritual maturity, a culture of healthy leadership, discipleship, and more. At CDF Capital, we care about each of these components. When a church is properly resourced financially, spiritually, and in leadership, lives are transformed.  
We call this Transformational Capital.


Learn More About Future FWD
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FutureFWD is a free, 2-day online summit designed to encourage and equip your team to push forward with the plan God has in store for your church. 
At FutureFWD, you’ll hear from 40 marquee leaders across the church on how they are leading their ministry into the future.
FutureFWD is designed to encourage collaboration among you and your leaders. You will leave with a “future positive” tone and helpful next steps.
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